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About the Owner

David Powell has 35 years of experience working locally in the house painting trade, and 25 years as owner operator of Pacific Painting. Born and raised in Stockton, he began his house painting experience in 1976 as an apprentice in residential new construction.

After completing his apprenticeship in 1979, David continued working in new construction until home building in Stockton slowed to a crawl in 1981. Eventually David found a home at D.C. Vient, a large commercial contractor doing work from San Francisco to Las Vegas. The scope of his work changed dramatically, and he had the opportunity to learn the commercial and industrial end of the trade.

After 4 ½ years with D.C. VIent, David decided it was time to obtain his State Contractors license and go out on his own. He has never looked back!

About Pacific Painting and our Staff

Pacific Painting and Decorating was started in 1985 and incorporated in 1986. In the beginning, David did all of the house painting and his wife kept busy hanging wallpaper. Along the way, he came to realize that he got the most personal satisfaction from working directly with homeowners on repainting their homes. They appreciated his attention to detail and his innate willingness to work within their schedules and unique constraints.

Many of these customers were also business owners and they have become the core of David's commercial business. David is glad to call his clients his friends.

Within a few years, Pacific Painting became a well respected business in the Stockton area. As their staffing needs grew, David was lucky to find good employees from early on. He has continued to build a professional, knowledgeable and capable crew. They are all full time journeyman-level painters.

Each was hired with little or no experience, but were hard workers and willing to learn David's way of doing things - right the first time. Now they are the backbone of Pacific Painting. They take great pride in their work and understand the importance of respecting each client’s circumstances, wants and needs.

The staff’s experience with Pacific Painting as their full time employer is 19 years, 16 years, 10 years and 5 years. David has found that low employee turnover and thorough, methodical training provides you with the highest quality work and customer service.

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